Another big week has past us by, this being Holy Week and many Churches had special services and our Pastor Bonnie Hovermann had a Good Friday Service and several of us attending took part in readings and prayers. Thanks so much to Pastor Bonnie for all her work putting the services together, as she had a wonderful Easter Service with Special Music by Harold Gross. Harold and Lisanne Greco have been attending our church for a few weeks now and they have joined right in with our Church Family. What a wonderful voice he has and we have put him to work, What a Blessing!!!

Today, I have not received any news from any of my neighbors but have noticed that Frank and Linda Elkins have a yard full of cars and that means they have Family come for Easter Dinner as Maggie Elkins had her Family, Gila Domina had her daughter Ruth and Jim Smith come and then they have helped her clean up the ruts in her lawn and rake the leaves that did not get raked up last Fall as the snow came so early and stayed.

Yesterday, 4.20 my brother came by for an afternoon visit. He said through Belvidere there is still lots and lots of snow, on his way home late in the afternoon there was so much fog over that way he could hardly see the road in some places. It was so warm here and so much colder over that way. We lucked out and did not have any flooding, only our daughter in Johnson said the rivers over flowed their banks. She sent us pictures of the over flow.

I do not have much news today, so this will have to do, short and sweet like me. Just hope everyone had a wonder Easter Day it sure has been a nice day to be out and about. I’m on my way in a few minutes.

Happy Birthday to: Barry Domina 4/30; Madeline Senesac 5/1; McKenzie McGovern 5/2; Violet Begnoche, Brielle Hardy5/3; Hazel O’Shea 5/4.
Anniversary Wishes to Daren and Lynn Drevik.

**One of our Golfing Presidents and three of his friends invited the fourth person, but he declined saying I have to go home to my wife. Are you a man asked one of the men or a mouse. He said, I must be a man because my wife is afraid of mice.** Take a look at the calendar as we are fast getting through the month of April. Must be the sap is still flowing in places as we still see sap trucks passing by. We used to have the frog run and that has happened in some places and another finale that sugaring is done is when the woodpecker pecks on the bucket or now a days it might be the roof of the sugar house. Enjoy each day..M.LT.A.


That’s all folks, if you see green it might be some grass showing through this week. M.L.T.A.